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This adorable puppy was born in a puppy mill and abused in a petstore.
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pawprint bullet point   Finding Your New Best Friend
pawprint bullet point   What is a Puppy Mill?
pawprint bullet point   The Petstore Connection
pawprint bullet point   Puppy Mill Survivors
pawprint bullet point   Breeders With Pride: Responsible Breeders Speak Out
pawprint bullet point   What Can I Do About Puppy Mills?

Take Action in WI(please note that with the passage of WI Act 90, this section is very much in need of updating, but the information here may be helpful in other states.)

pawprint bullet point   Laws and Legislation
pawprint bullet point   Historical Overview of AB-250 / SB-208/WI Act 90
pawprint bullet point    2009 WI Act 90 Administrative Rules Process
pawprint bullet point    AB-793/ SB-580, Revisions to Chapter 173 (Animal Seizure Law)
pawprint bullet point   Thyme and Sage Ranch Investigation
What Is A Puppy Mill?
What Can I Do?
Laws/ Legislation


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