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Dusty the Westie had painful ear infections when he was purchased.

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"It is time for the legislators to sit up and take note because the practice of puppy milling has an impact on us all."

       -- Victoria Stilwell, Dog Trainer /Host, Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog"


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       After watching puppy mill exposés recently aired on several major Wisconsin TV stations, citizens are demanding that our elected representatives do something about the miserable conditions in pet mills, pet shops and other pet facilities! Stricter regulation of so-called "pet mills" and "backyard breeders" may once again be within our reach, but we need your help to Get the Word Out!


Tiny blue paw print bullet pointJoin the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project Green Team with our "Stop the Abuse/End the Misery" sturdy canvas tote bags.   New: "Green Team" Canvas Shopping Bags:

     Join our GREEN TEAM! Share the message about Puppy Mills while helping to save the environment with our canvas shopping / tote bags!

     These high-quality, large capacity bags are made from 10 oz natural cotton, and measure a generous 15" high x 18" wide x 7” deep. The bottoms are designed to square off to hold the bag upright and open, or fold flat for storage. They are sturdy enough to carry groceries, and roomy enough for your knitting needles and several skeins of yarn -- or flyers and hand-outs for your next petstore protest or meeting.

     At only $9 each (price includes tax, shipping, and handling), you can afford to buy one for yourself and one for a friend. Please click on the photo or the link below for a larger view, and download our Order Blank for more details.


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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Buy a Bumper Sticker:

       You've seen these new bumper stickers displayed all over the State. Get yours NOW. Download our easy Order Form* for details.

It's Time for Wisconsin to End Puppy Mill Misery.Puppy Mills Bite!
Tell Legislators to Stop Puppy Mills.

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Join our Lapel Button Brigade:

Bentley the puppy mill pup proudly wears his NO Puppy Mills! button at a pet shop protest.       Our friend Bentley the puppy mill "throw away" says, "Help us stop the mass production of puppies in puppy mills. Buy a 'Help Stop the Suffering' button and wear it as proudly as I do!"

       Buttons are a generous three inches in diameter and proclaim to the world, "Help Stop the Suffering -- Tell Wisconsin Legislators 'NO Puppy Mills!" They also show the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project website URL so that you can refer people for more information on "puppy farming" in our state.

       Please Download our easy Order Form* for prices and ordering details.

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Show Your Colors With a T-Shirt:

Order one of our distinctive "Regulate Puppy Mills" t-shirts from our partners at the Clark County Humane Society.       Our partners at the Clark County Humane Society have designed a distinctive and attractive t-shirt so that you can let everyone know that Wisconsin puppy mills and dog auctions are just wrong. Join us in wearing your Puppy Mill Protest T-shirts! These t-shirts feature the logo of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project with the message to "Stop the abuse. End the suffering. Regulate puppy mills now!" Printed on bright, "prison jumpsuit" orange shirts, they are sure to get the message across -- just click on the photo for a larger view.

       The shirts are available in Large or Extra Large. The price is just $10.00, plus $2 shipping and handling, for each shirt. To order, click on the link to CCHS below and scroll down to the T-shirt section!

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Display a Window Sign:

Stop the Abuse window signs.       Many of you have been asking for "yard signs." We do not have the funds to have yard signs least not right now...BUT we are making available a simple "window sign."

       Please download* this PDF and print on an eye-catching brightly colored paper, then hang in windows, front doors, at work, on bulletin boards, at your vet's office and in supermarkets, hand out at events, or use your imagination! Do remember "Please" and "Thank You" when posting signs in businesses and public places, though: Always ask the owner, manager, etc. if you may post the sign, and THANK him/her for supporting our campaign for a more humane Wisconsin!

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Distribute Flyers:

Informational Flyer authored by one of our supporters.       One of our supporters has taken our "Contact Legislators" information one step farther. She put together a flyer that asks people "to remind legislators that there are more pet lovers than Republicans or Democrats," then tells them exactly how to do that! We thought this flyer would be a wonderful resource to share.

       Please download* the PDF and print on an eye-catching colored paper, then hand out at adoption events, garage sales, club meetings -- anywhere humane-minded people gather. Again, remember "Please" and "Thank You" when distributing these.

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Print a Poster:

Where does the mother of that cute pet store puppy live?       This poster will hopefully make people stop and think about the living conditions of the parents of those cute pet store puppies. Inspired by signs created for the Petland Boycotts, our designer has created a "generic" version for use to raise awareness in areas that do not have Petland pet stores.

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Dooley the mill auction throw-away wants YOU to help stop the suffering in puppy mills.Dooley wants you to vote for candidates who will stop puppy mills.Dooley wants you to ask candidates where they stand on puppy mills and let them know that it matters to you.Dooley wants you to ask candidates to stop the suffering in puppy mills.

       Dooley the Papillion was pulled from the 10 March 07 Thorp Dog Auction as being "unsellable" because he was so ill. Luckily, a rescuer was on hand to take him off the miller's hands, and now that he's discovered that there is more to life than misery, he's joined the fight against puppy mills.

     He's even commissioned some 8.5" x 11" Yankee Dooley posters that you may print, post on bulletin boards or windows, hand out at protests and fair booths and anyplace else you can think of, to Help Get the Word Out. He hopes his face will make you smile -- and that his message will make you think.

       Each of the four poster features "Yankee Dooley's" photo, a different "Stop the Abuse" or "Ask Candidates Where they Stand" message, and our URL for further information. Please click on the example above for the full-size pdf version of each poster, and on the link below to read more about Dooley.

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*You will need Acrobat Reader to download the order blanks, window sign, "Mom" poster, and flyer. If you don't already have this installed, you can get it for free here:  Download Acrobat Reader



Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Print and Distribute Fact Sheets

Victoria Stilwell of Animal Planet        We have also put together some materials that you may download, print, and distribute at your own fund-raisers, events, and rallies. These include brochures and "printer-friendly" versions of some of our articles, ranging from how to find a good breeder to the special problems of living with puppy mill survivors, and include the articles written just for us by celebrities such as Victoria Stilwell and Dean Koontz. Please see our "EDUCATE!" page for a list of these printer-friendly PDF's and the links for downloading each.

       Note: if there are any of our web pages that YOU would like to see available in a printable format, please Email Us

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Link to Us:

"Tile" graphic to use when linking to WPMP.       Our friend Kim has designed this animated, two-frame "tile graphic" for you to copy and place it on your own website to link to Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

       Just copy and paste the following HTML onto your website (or MySpace page) to link to WPMP; the graphic should automatically appear:

<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="" ALT='"Tile" graphic to use when linking to Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.' BORDER="0" HSPACE="15"></A>

Note: If you have a problem copying the HTML code, please feel free to contact our Webmaster.




Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Make a Donation:

       If you would like to help us purchase billboards, ads, and other materials to build public awareness, please see our DONATE! page for options.

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Chip the "Goldendoodle" was severely emaciated had obviously had been eating hay.Reddy the red min pin doesn't know how to react to kindness,Whitey the westie with infected cysts between his toes.

     We thank you for your support!


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