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"The citizens of our state deserve for the laws that affect them to be made in the open and with a full public discussion."

          -- WI State Senator Joe Leibham, 9th District

       Public Round Table forums will focus on citizen views concerning puppy mills in Wisconsin, as well as give our law makers the opportunity to share their views on the issue with their constituents. Please watch this section of our web pages for updates and current information.


Lazarus is terrified of people, ignores food, goodies, and toys, and tries to make himself invisible when anyone approaches.

There are no round-table discussions scheduled at this time.



Media coverage of Round Table Discussions:

Christy the Westie was so frightened of people that she pushed her back up against the wall and trembled whenever anyone approached her."Washington County Humane Society Town Hall Mtg on Puppy Mills" (5/15/07)

"Eau Clair Round Table on Puppy Mills" (6/05/07):

Appleton Round Table (6/25/07):


Tao the Shar Pei had inturned eyelids that scratched his eyes.Dalton the chihuahua had been so traumatized that he attacked anyone who tried to touch him.Allie the Shiba Inu - Rat Terrier mix.

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What Is A Puppy Mill?
What Can I Do?
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