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Yankee Dooley Wants YOU...

Dooley the papillion whose teeth were so badly infected that he couldn't close his mouth.

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"Yankee Dooley" the papillion was pulled from the 10 Mar 07 Thorp Dog Auction as "unsellable" because he was so sick.

...To Help Put an End to Puppy Mills!

       "Yankee Dooley went to Thorp a-riding in a dog cage...." Only, he had a different name then, and a number; no cute hat, no soft, fluffy bed to sleep on, no one to care whether he lived or died except for the puppies he could help make and the money he helped bring in.

       Dooley's owner sent the obviously sick, worn-out stud papillion up from Iowa to be auctioned off at the 10 March 2007 Thorp Dog Auction, to try to make a last few dollars off him. However, the little dog was in such terrible shape that the USDA inspector pulled him from the auction.

       We can't say for sure what would have happened to him, but it's a pretty good bet that the little guy wouldn't have survived the day -- he may even have shared Rascal's fate and been thrown out with the trash. Luckily, a rescuer pursuaded Dooley's owner to let her take this worthless castoff.

       That's Dooley's "rescue photo," at the top of the page. You can click on it to see a larger view. Even in this thumbnail, though, the first things you'll notice are his scraggly little legs and that pink tongue sticking out. No, Dooley wasn't trying to look comical or making a social comment -- with every tooth in his mouth either abcessed or completely rotten, he could NOT retract his tongue into his mouth!

       Between the agony of infection raging through his jaws and burning up his body, a hernia, and the horrible existence he had endured up to this point, his attitude at the time of his rescue was, "I just wish I were dead."

       Dooley was only five years old. Five years old and already done with life.

       But what a difference love and care can make: We are told that after just one week, he began greeting his foster mom with a sparkle in his eyes! When he wagged his tail for the very first time, she cried tears of happiness. As she says, "He still gets it! He still knows he's a dog, that life isn't full of misery and pain and that (some) people can be trusted."

       Dooley has discovered the joy in life, and his new photos glow with it. His hair is long and silky; he flits around like the butterfly that gave his breed its name. His mouth closes over his tongue now; every one of his teeth had to be pulled to save his life, but that just left him with a wise, Mona Lisa-like smile. He's even a bit on the plump side, thanks to all that good, nourishing soft dog food.

       Now, Dooley is celebrating HIS freedom from the "breeding facility" where he lived the first years of his life by asking everyone to help put an end to puppy mills and grant that same freedom to the tens of thousands of dogs still suffering in them.

       He's even commissioned some Yankee Dooley posters that you may print, post on bulletin boards or windows, hand out at protests and fair booths and anyplace else you can think of, to Help Get the Word Out. He hopes his face will make you smile -- and that his message will make you think.

       Each poster features "Yankee Dooley's" photo, a different "Stop the Abuse!" message, and our URL for further information. Click on one of the four links below to download. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the posters; if you don't already have this installed, you can get it for free from the link below.


Dooley the mill auction throw-away wants YOU to help stop the suffering in puppy mills.

Dooley's Poster #1: "I want YOU ... …to help end the suffering in Puppy Mills!"

Dooley wants you to vote for candidates who will stop puppy mills.

Dooley's Poster #2: Yankee Dooley says: "VOTE For Liberty and Justice For All- Ask Candidates Where They Stand on Puppy Mills! (And let them know that it MATTERS to you!)"

Dooley wants you to ask candidates where they stand on puppy mills and let them know that it matters to you.

Dooley's Poster #3: "I want YOU ... To Ask Candidates Where They Stand on Puppy Mills -- And let them know that it MATTERS to you!"

Dooley wants you to ask candidates to stop the suffering in puppy mills.

Dooley's Poster #4: "I want YOU ... To ask Candidates what they will do to STOP puppy mill abuse like I suffered! (And let them know that it MATTERS to you!)


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