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Puppy Mill Survivors

Stories of Rescued Mill Dogs & Pet Store Puppies

King the beagle was purchased at the 24 September 08 Thorp Dog Auction.
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Puppy Mill Survivors
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A former puppy mill stud dog and his Hero, the rescuer who is teaching him the joys of being a dog.

A former puppy mill stud dog and his Hero, the rescue volunteer who is teaching him the joys of Being a Dog.

        Puppy Mill Survivors come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and breeds, from tiny newborn pups to "senior" dogs of 9 or 10 or even older. They are Pet Store Puppies and mill breeding stock, male and female, healthy and happy (if very lucky) or sick and sad.

       Many have health, temperament, and/or behavior problems. All come with his or her own unique story.

       In this section, we will share some of those stories, some of the joys and frustrations of healing bodies and minds warped by living in puppy mills or being sold at dog auctions and pet stores.

       We even have an article on Puppy Mill Survivors: Caring for Mill Dogs. We do not pretend to be experts on the subject -- working with puppy mill survivors is an ongoing education. Each dog, each situation, is different, and rehabilitating them requires flexibility and creativity.

       We hope that the material in our Puppy Mill Survivor section will give you some idea of what these dogs and their care-takers have endured, and also some ideas if you are coping with your own Puppy Mill Survivor.

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In memory of PeaBuddy, whose short life inspired the founding of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.



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