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Bentley the Puppy Haven throw-away asks everyone NOT to buy pets from petstores.

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Bay View Pampered Pets logo       For first quarter 2011, Bay view Pampered Pets in Milwaukee, WI, is donating 5% of gross revenues to the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project in recognition of the hard work ahead to enforce the new law and to help the countless animals who have been victimized by unscrupulous breeders and retailers.

       Bay View Pampered Pets is dedicated to providing quality pet-sitting, dog-walking, and other services in the Milwaukee area. They have instituted a Give-Back Program, highlighting a different animal-related organization every quarter. Sandy of Bay View Pampered Pets says, "We are a small company and we can only do so much, but we hope that by making our clients aware of the amazing work being done on behalf of animals in our community, we can be a catalyst for additional giving or volunteering."

       Please visit Bay View Pampered Pets' website for more information about their services and the Give-Back Program.

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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   DOGSPELL Book

Dogspell is a beautiful book of poetry and illustration by Monica Dong and Megan Dong.     Looking for a perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life? Want to get "more bang for your buck" by helping puppy mill dogs while you shop? Then Dogspell is for you!

     Dogspell is a beautiful 66-page hardcover book that is a collaborative effort of the mother/daughter team of Monica and Megan Dong. The 32 captivating illustrations were done by Monica while Megan contributed the accompanying heart-felt poems. Dogspell measures 8.5" x 12" x 0.5" and weighs 1 lb 4 oz.

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     Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project thanks Monica and Megan for their kind donation of a limited supply of these books for us to sell as a fund-raiser for our efforts on behalf of puppy mill dogs.


$28 per copy
(includes shipping)*

*5% sales tax will be added at checkout for WI residents.


Back cover of Dogspell, showing illustrations.


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