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Sample Classified Ads

Actual ads placed by pet profiteers and counter-ad placed by the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

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Can you pick out the ads placed by rescues among those from backyard breeders and puppy millers?

       You see them every time you read the classified section of your newspaper: notices of puppies for sale, registered/pure bred, ready in time for Easter/Christmas/Valentine's Day/Whatever. Since you already know that though responsible breeders may advertise their kennels via print or online classified ads, they certainly don't sell puppies through them, you deduce that most of these ads are placed by pet profiteers -- puppy millers or backyard breeders whose only concern is selling pets for profit.

       These ads infuriate and frustrate you, especially the ones for the new "designer" breeds, or those trying to make a "miniature" of anything by breeding a large dog with a smaller one that looks similar (for instance, a recent classified in one newspaper advertised "AKC Golden Retriever/Pomeranian puppies," while another was selling "AKC Rottweiler/Min Pin mix puppies"). But what can you do?

Place an ad of your own, in the same newspapers--right in the middle of theirs!

       Take a look at the actual "Cats/Dogs/Pets" classified column from a small-town newspaper pictured at the left. Can you pick out the ads sponsored by local rescues? People DO notice!

       Below, you will find the text of actual ads being run in Wisconsin newspapers and "shoppers." Use these as a starting point for your own ideas! Keep them short, simple, and to the point -- and feel free to use this website URL as a reference.

       We have found the PDS, Inc. website very helpful in placing classified ads statewide. They have a reasonable price for placing weekly ads in every newspaper and "shopper" in Wisconsin -- puppy millers like Gerald Schulz use this company, and so do we to make sure our message is right there in the middle of theirs!

       Great idea, but just not something you're comfortable doing? OK, how about contacting a shelter or rescue near you (use Pets 911 or PetFinder as a starting point to find one) and offering a donation to pay for classifieds advertising their adoption events or fund-raisers, or simply to run classifieds with their contact info?

       Donations to the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project Classified Ads Campaign are also cheerfully accepted! Just click on the link below to donate safely online through PayPal (you can also make secure credit card donations through PayPal) or see our DONATE page for other options.




Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project Ads

  • Puppy Mills - operate here in WI where there are no laws to protect YOU or the DOGS. Don't support mills--don't buy.

  • Puppies - Is that multiple breed business a Puppy Mill? Your purchase keeps puppy mills running. Learn more here:

  • PUPPY BUYERS BEWARE! "Papers" don't mean quality. Papers don't guarantee a healthy pet. DON'T BUY! Opt to Adopt from a reputable source. Learn more here:

  • Puppy Mills - are cruel breeding factories for dogs. Is that breeder a Puppy Mill? Your purchase keeps mills in business. Learn more here:

  • 6 MILLION HOMELESS PETS are put to death in the USA each year. OPT TO ADOPT and PLEASE don't buy from puppy millers.

  • Don't breed or buy while homeless animals die. Adopt a homeless pet from your local shelter or breed rescue group. Help end pet mills.

Actual ads from a Sheboygan area advertising newspaper.
Ads from a Sheboygan newspaper. One of these "breeders" is described in Inside A Wisconsin "Puppy Farm" and Interview with a WI "Puppy Farmer"

Chip the "Goldendoodle" was severely emaciated had obviously had been eating hay.Reddy the red min pin doesn't know how to react to kindness,Whitey the westie with infected cysts between his toes.

"You CAN make a difference!"


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