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Sample Letters

And Tips for Utilizing Them Effectively

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This dog is being transported from one mill to another. He will never have a normal life.

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Another puppy for sale at 7 Mile Fair in Aug 08

"Compassion. . . . is the strength that arises out of seeing the true nature of suffering in the world. Compassion allows us to bear witness to that suffering, whether it is in ourselves or others, without fear; it allows us to name injustice without hesitation, and to act strongly, with all the skill at our disposal."
                    ~ Sharon Salzberg


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One of many puppies for sale at 7 Mile Fair, Aug. 08       Every letter of support counts, whether it's to legislators, newspapers, or venues that sell live animals. People DO pay attention, and legislators in particular give more thought to issues about which they receive several letters. Your letter might just be the one that educates a key decision-maker and sways an important opinion!

       We encourage you to read our Contacting Your WI Legislators page for Talking Points and tips on what to say that, though geared toward contacting legislators, can be incorporated into any type of letter. You might also want to read the article "Puppy Hell" in the Jan. 09 issue of Milwaukee Magazine for a good overview of the history of puppy mills in Wisconsin.

       Letters to the editor of your local newspaper can be an important tool. Some of our samples were composed especially to be sent to newspapers -- or, you can modify any of our other samples to create an effective Letter to the Editor. Take a look at your paper or its online version -- guidelines for that particular newspaper will be listed. There will likely be a 250 or 500 word limit, and you MUST sign the letter and provide your address and phone number for the paper to verify that you did, indeed, write the letter.

       Remember, always be respectful and courteous. Rude or abusive letters will hurt, rather than help, our cause.



 Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Choose a Letter:   

Thorp, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, was so matted that his hair was sheared off in one piece!


 Tiny blue paw print bullet point   How to Use Sample Letters Effectively   

Some of the puppies for sale last August at 7 Mile Fair.       Please note that most of the following guidelines also apply to emailed letters.

  1. Browse through sample letters to find the letter that best fits your needs.

  2. Highlight the text on the screen, copy, and paste the letter of your choice into your word processing program. OR --

  3. Enter the appropriate Date.

  4. Enter the name, title and address of your intended recipient in heading of the letter. Always address your recipient respectfully. If writing to your state legislators, you can find contact information for your area's representatives by going to: and clicking on the "Who are my legislators?" button.

  5. Enter the name of your recipient after the word "Dear," using title and last name (ex: Senator Jones, Ms. PetStoreOwner, etc.). Letters to the editor are an exception -- generally, the salutation is just "Editor."

  6. Change any of the content that does not apply or that you would prefer to modify. Briefly incorporate your own thoughts or experiences.

  7. Tippy the Chihuahua lost one tooth on the way to the vet after his purchase at the Sept 08 Thorp Dog Auction, and had to have 13 more teeth extracted. He was just short of 3 years old at time of purchase.Try to keep your letter to one page -- your intended recipients are busy people and are unlikely to read all the way through long letters. Letters to the editor are generally limited to 250 - 500 words (though occasionally, a more lengthy letter is selected as a "guest editorial" if it is particularly well-written).

  8. Again, we cannot emphasize strongly enough that you must always be courteous and respectful if you wish your voice to be heeded. Please, NO name-calling or words you wouldn't want to hear your young children use.

  9. Enter YOUR NAME. Never send an anonymous letter. Unsigned letters are seldom taken seriously -- if they even reach their intended recipient's desk.

  10. Enter YOUR ADDRESS. Please note that your legislator probably won't pay much attention to what you have to say if this information isn't included, and newspapers require it so that they can confirm that you did, indeed, submit the letter for publication.

  11. PRINT LETTER, sign, make a copy for your own files, and send.

  12. PLEASE ASK OTHERS to write. Print out additional letters and ask friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers to sign them. Offer to mail the letters for them, if necessary.



 Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Additional Resources for Letter-Writing:   

This adorable puppy was born in a puppy mill and abused in a petstore.


Gail, a Bernese Mountain Dog purchased by a rescuer at the Sept 07 Thorp Dog AuctionJo the miniature schanuzer with a heart murmur was purchased at the Thorp Dog Auciton in March 2007.King the beagle was purchased at the 24 September 08 Thorp Dog Auction.

     We thank you for your support!


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