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Sample Letter to WI State Legislators


The Honorable (Legislator's Name)
His/her address
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Dear Sen/Rep Name:

     I strongly support a strong, enforceable bill that will license, inspect, and regulate pet breeding facilities in Wisconsin. ALL pet species should be given protection, NOT just dogs. I would very much like to see such a bill reintroduced in the next session of the state legislature.

     With the passage of such a bill, Wisconsin might finally start catching up to other states in our ability to regulate breeding, boarding, pet dealer and kennel operations. For too long our state has been the recipient of 'bad actors' from other states that have passed similar legislation. These people come to Wisconsin and set up shop because they know that we don't have the laws necessary to enforce even minimum standards. It has already been proven that many of them don't pay sales tax or correctly report income tax. That hurts all of us.

     A Pet Facilities Bill is NOT an animal rights group bill. A Pet Facilities Bill is about a variety of things including consumer protection, leveling the playing field for responsible small business owners, and yes, humane treatment of companion animals. I hope I can count on you to do the right thing for Wisconsin consumers, business owners and pets.

     Please help Wisconsin achieve a comprehensive Pet Facilities Bill.

Your Name
Your Address

Please note: You MUST include your name and address. Your legislator won't pay much attention to what you have to say if this information isn't included--if your letter even reaches his/her desk.

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