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     With the holidays approaching, I wanted to let people know about a recent investigation from the Humane Society of the United States which was released publicly on November 20, 2008. After an 8 month investigation, they have proven, without a doubt, that Petland DOES purchase their puppies from Puppy Mills across the United States and specifically, in the Midwest.

     While the holidays are a popular time to give pets, especially puppies, as gifts, please do not support businesses that buy Puppy Mill dogs. I have witnessed the puppy mill industry first hand and it is an atrocity. Dogs lying in their feces, no socialization, with little care or shelter. Petland and pet stores like them need to adopt the philosophy of Petco and Petsmart, who support rescue and shelter groups for dog adoptions.

     And, truthfully, while a puppy in a stocking is unquestionably cute, please think twice before giving the gift of a pet. A pet of any type is a lifelong commitment. But, if it is the right choice, please rescue a homeless animal from one of the many great shelters or breed rescues in our area.

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