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Goldie's Story:

Another "product" of Pretty Penny Kennels

A skinny little beagle puppy at the WI puppy mill described in this article.
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     FINAL UPDATE: Mr. Schulz is out of the "dog business" forever. He died on June 28, 2022.

     15 May 2014 UPDATE: In 2011, Pretty Penny Kennels applied for and was granted a "temporary license" under WI Act 90. However, Mr. Schulz declined to upgrade his facilities to comply with the new regulations, so was denied a permanent license.

     Under the law, Mr. Schulz may still sell fewer than 25 dogs a year, from three litters. If you have reason to suspect that he is selling more dogs, or are concerned about the conditions in which his remaining dogs are being kept, please see our Filing a Complaint page for details on how to contact DATCP with your concerns!

Goldie the golden retriever was purchased as an adult from Gerald Schulz at Pretty Penny Kennels.

Spring, 2007:

        Goldie is a 2 year yellow lab who spent most of her life at Pretty Penny Kennels in Central Wisconsin. Someone purchased Goldie from this disgusting puppy mill and called rescue 48 hours later because they didn't know what to do for a severely withdrawn and frightened dog.

        Puppy Mill dogs are never socialized or brought out of their cages for anything more than breeding. That was obviously the case with Goldie. She would not lift her head from the corner and shook when anyone approached her. She refused to eat and had given up on life. When two Lab Education and Resource Network (LEARN) volunteers picked Goldie up from her purchasers, they had to carry her out of the home.

        After many tears and much patient attention from her foster mom, Goldie began to show signs of life. She finally lifted her head, and began eating after one week in her foster home. Every little move was something to celebrate!

       Today, Goldie lives in her forever home with her new mom, Sue, and has a practically twin sister named Zoe. Goldie's progress is slow and she still lingers towards a corner but we have no doubt she will recover and live as normal a life as these dogs can.

       Goldie's is a success story, but there are thousands more like Goldie who will never make it out of their cages. One day, when they've stopped breeding and can no longer make money for their owners, their fate is to die. Many will be shot; many will simply be left to starve to death. Often the elements will claim their lives. These dogs are left outside in cages in the dead of winter with nothing but each other to snuggle next to for warmth.

       Please be informed on puppy mills! Do not purchase a dog from these people who represent themselves as reputable breeders.

        When you see an ad in your local newspaper listing multiple breeds...STAY AWAY FROM IT!

       When you go to see a dog and see multiple dogs outside in cages....STAY AWAY FROM IT! These puppy mills need to be put out of business. If the miller isn't making money at it, he'll quit and go into a different business.

       Help him quit sooner by NOT purchasing a puppymill puppy!

---Penny, Lab Rescue (LEARN)


"They're using me as an example, and if they're using me as an example, things are in pretty good shape."   — Gerald Schulz, aka G. Schulz, Pretty Penny Kennels.

From a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 19, 2003 article by Richard P. Jones

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