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Gov. Doyle signs AB-250 into law.

     History was made in Wisconsin today as, with his signature, Governor Doyle turned AB-250, the Dog Breeders Licensure Bill, into the ground-breaking Commercial Dog Breeders Licensure Law!

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     Please join us in THANKING Governor Doyle and each and every one of our WI Representatives!

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      From the bottom of our hearts, we Thank you for all of your phone calls, letters, emails, petitions, protests, and endless, undying support. Without your help, our decade-long dream for dogs in Wisconsin would never have become a reality.

     Sadly, one of our staunchest supporters, Joyce Kitsemble, passed away on Tuesday. Being able to come to Madison from her home in Wisconsin Rapids to witness Governor Doyle's signing of AB-250 was one of Joyce's proudest moments.

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     Have you thought about what comes next for the puppy mill breeder dogs in Wisconsin? WE have.

     Even with this excellent law on the books, our work has just begun. Next comes the arduous task of writing the Administrative Rules, which detail the specifics for enforcement of the law -- things like basic definitions of food, shelter, exercise, and other requirements. These specifics will be hammered out by a committee of ALL stakeholders, including commercial breeders and pet stores, so gaining a consensus will not always be easy.

     There will still be abuses; there will still be dogs needing our help. And, as those millers who find regulation too "expensive" start shutting down, there will be hundreds, possibly thousands of dogs, who will need vet care, rehabilitation, interim housing, and new homes.

       These challenges, and more, still face us. Puppy mills and pet stores that sell puppies will not disappear overnight -- let's take a moment to celebrate, then roll up our sleeves and stride forward together to do what is necessary to make these abuses a footnote in Wisconsin history!

In memory of PeaBuddy, whose short life inspired the founding of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

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