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Standing the Line:

Thorp Dog Auction Protest, 11 March 2009

Sign from 11 March 09 Thorp Dog Auction protest: For the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.
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Standing the line: 50 protesters brave the frigid cold to speak for puppy mill dogs.

Horst Stables Auction Company, Thorp, WI
11 March 2009
50 protesters braved subzero winds
to raise their voices
for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: Down with Dog Auctions! Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: I Am the Voice Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: End the Misery, Prisoners of Greed
Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: For the love of money is the root of all evil. Satan loves puppymills sign. Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: The line
  Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: Puppy Millers Have No Heart -- Do You, Legislators?  

       These are just a few of the dedicated, passionate individuals who took time off from work and stood out in the cold to let people know that puppy mills are evil, and dog auctions are just plain wrong. Please click on any photo to see a larger view, or take a look at our Thorp Protest Photo Album.

       Also on hand were Rep. Jeff Smith, announcing that he just two weeks away from presenting a bill that will help regulate dog breeding in the state, and WQOW-18 from Eau Claire, WI, to interview protesters. You can see the video here!

 pawprint bullet point   See the WQOW News 18, Eau Claire, WI report (click on Video Link)    pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   Thorp Dog Auctions: Don't Buy The Lies   pawprint bullet point

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