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Shay's backyard breeder "owner"
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Shay Shay, a pit bull rescued from a backyard breeder who couldn't afford to take her to the vet for a compound fracture.


       To look at Shay Shay now (insert photo), you'd never believe that she was close to death when her owner, a backyard breeder of "game bred" pit bulls (pit bulls bred to be fought), turned her over to rescue. He was, he said, unable to afford to take her to a vet to care for a severe injury she had sustained after she was allegedly "hit by a car."

       When rescuers took custody, Shay was severely malnourished, covered with filth, and suffering from a compound fracture of a front leg, up near the shoulder. The bone was sticking out through the filthy skin, but the breeder "couldn't afford" to take her to a vet.

       The vet told rescuers that Shay had probably been shot. She also had a very severe bone infection and, on top of all that, was heartworm positive! He was sure that the leg would have to be amputated, but couldn't do that until the infection had stabilized and she had put on some weight. The heartworm treatment would have to wait until the leg had healed, one way or the other. All they could do was wait and pray.

       Miraculously, her leg healed up without amputation, and her heartworm treatment was successful. Once heartworm free, Shay was spayed. The entire process took about 12 weeks, and the vet bills were high. But, Shay turned out to be a sweet-natured, loving, friendly gal who wanted nothing more than a chance to be someone's lifetime companion. After careful screening of applicants, Shay was placed with a family who understands her breed and knows what wonderful pets they can be.

       Shay's former owner, unfortunately, is still breeding "game bred" pit bulls--without the benefit of a vet.

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