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Rescued Blue & Gold Macaw

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A blue and gold macaw


       According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are over 40 million pet birds in our country alone.

       Says Steve Fitzsimmons of the Madison Area Cage Bird Association of Wisconsin (MACAW):

       A big difference between other pets and birds is, the average bird can live up to 5 times longer. Some Macaws, like this blue and gold guy, live to over 100 years!

       While dogs and cats have been more domesticated over thousands of years, birds just started coming into the pet world this last 100 years. Birds are also more wild; therefore, less trainable. If a bird doesn't like you or something you are doing, he will likely bite.

       Pet stores obtain most of their winged 'merchandise' from bird breeding factories -- many of which are right in the pet stores themselves. Some birds are taken away from their mothers too soon and sold to inexperienced buyers, and die as a result. Most pet stores do no training or screening of potential buyers.

       Many birds end up in shelters or rescues when they are no longer wanted. They are the lucky ones. Others are abused, or just taken out and let go to fend for themselves. In general, like other pets who have been bred to rely on man, they cannot survive in the wild. However, in some warm climates, such as California, there are flocks of parakeets and other pet birds living in the cities after being let go by people who no longer want them!

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