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Garage Sale to Fight Puppy Mills

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Display at a garage sale to raise awareness of, and funds to fight, puppy mills.


       Our friend Kim, "mom" to a rescued puppy mill pup who died before his third birthday due to a hereditary liver disease, found a great way to combine fund-raising with awareness-raising: a Garage Sale.

       "Though we didn't have a good turnout because of the rainy and cold weather, and monetarily I can't say we did so well, we still feel that our garage sale was a success.

       "We were able to gain the interest of numerous people. After they looked at the displays, watched the DVD and asked tons of questions, we were able to hand out lots of informational brochures and flyers. Several people said, now that they knew that puppy mills existed, they would do everything they could to help.

       "Several groups of people at a time stood in front of the television watching the Fozzie Bear's Story video playing ..... I sat and watched them to see their reactions. No one walked away without saying that they had no idea that mills even existed. It was these people that readily took all the info we could give them and asked what they could do to help.

       "I talked to several people that had bought pups from pet stores. Most told me of health problems that presented themselves either within the first few days - or even later down the road. I wonder why the vets who see these dogs don't report what they are seeing to the officials? Perhaps alot of them do not realize anything about mills

       "A few people even approached us and told us that "so and so" had bought a puppy from a mill and what problems and illnesses they ended up with. All in all, it wasn't a bad turnout. If the weather had been a little nicer, I feel we would have done better. But, one person can inform lots of others, so, even the small amount of people that we had here can make a major difference."

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