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Dumplin' spent her entire life
as "breeding stock..."

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Dumplin, rescued chihuahua "breeding stock."


       This is Dumplin', a 15-pound Chihuahua who had spend her entire life as "breeding stock." Up until her rescue, she had never known affection; she had no idea what grass was and cowered when set down in this unfamiliar stuff. Having spent every single hour of her first five years in a cage, this little dog was terrified of everything and everyone in the great, wide world.

       When this photo was taken, Dumplin was on her way to the rescue that would rehabilitate and rehome her. She tipped the scales at about three times the normal weight for her breed. Much of the extra weight was mammary tissue from being bred every single heat. Dumplin was only 5 years old, but constant breeding and puppy-rearing had aged her. She looked 12.

       Dumplin was unable to walk, partially because her normal Chihuahua-sized legs wouldn't hold her weight and partically because her claws had grown so long they hooked back into her paws. (You can't see them in this photograph, but she was holding on to her transporter so hard that those claws dug right through a heavy outer jacket and a sweatshirt, and right into the arm underneath!)

       Her former "owner" was a backyard breeder, which is just a puppy miller in smaller scale. He considered her, at five, too old for further breeding, and consequently, of no further value to him. We can only speculate what her fate would have been if the rescue hadn't stepped in.

       After several months' rehabilitation in a patient and loving foster home, Dumplin was adopted into a wonderful Forever Home. However, she will always bear emotional scars of her bondage, and she will probably never learn to play.

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