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Memorial to Brutus Bravender,

"Free To Good Home?" Poster Dog
and Good Will Ambassador Extrordinaire

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Brutus today       Thousands of people have read Brutus Bravender's story on the "Free To Good Home?" page and his story has influenced many. Even after all he'd been through, Brutus remained a wonderful, loving, laid-back fellow who loved treats, belly rubs, and people, not necessarily in that order. Brutus was a popular visitor to local schools, where children even gave up their Christmas gift exchange to donate the money to help homeless animals instead.

       As Brutus's story touched people all over the country, Brutus himself touched everyone who met him. His life and his past suffering have made a difference, and will continue to make a difference as long as anyone reads his story.

       We were all saddened by his quiet passing to the Rainbow Bridge on 27 February 2002, at the estimated age of 13 years, and we will miss him greatly.


Brutus's Poem

By Sue Burkhard

You rescued him from a hole by a tree
And took him to your home.
Saved from a life on a 4 foot chain,
He now had a whole backyard to roam.

A big black dog with deep brown eyes,
A more gentle friend you would not find.
All he asked for was food and your love,
A compassionate hand, soft and kind.

The place before he soon forgot,
As time and love healed him.
His good life began with you,
And you will always fondly remember him.

Brutus had grown tired and weary,
his life here on earth was now ending,
But his legacy and memory will never die,
If we listen to the message he's sending.

"You overlooked my thin body,
And saw past my pitiful plight.
You took me to your home to heal,
You kept me and loved me, making everything right.

"My time on this earth is now over,
But many more still need your love.
So listen to me in your heart,
And I will always be watching from above."


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