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2009 WI Act 90 / ATCP 16 Now in Effect:

Thank YOU, Wisconsin!

This adorable puppy was born in a puppy mill and abused in a petstore.
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This pup at Silver Lining Kennel seems to be saying, Get Me Out of Here!

"Way to go [Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project], YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN!!! Thanks again for this amazing accomplishment to help the dogs in our state. --     Pam McCloud Smith, Executive Director Dane County Humane Society Madison, Wisconsin

"[Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project], please know that your dedication and stamina in this effort were greatly appreciated and lauded by many people, including myself. You have done more to help the dogs in WI than anyone else before. Congratulations! --     Kimberly Waugus, VP, Green Acres Boxer Rescue of WI


My Dear Friends,

       Thank you so much for all these kind kudos and congratulations...but honestly one person CANNOT do anything to change things with grass roots advocacy. It's like screaming into the wind.

       It was truly a grass roots effort that brought us to this victory for the animals in Wisconsin. We ALL worked to get the Puppy Mill Bill passed and the Administrative Rules ratified.

       It took ALL of us.

       We wrote, we called, we emailed legislators, we attended legislative hearings, we testified, we shared information and encouraged friends and family members to help. We educated everyone who would listen. We signed petitions and attended seminars and round table discussions. We put bumper stickers on our cars and talked on the radio and TV when we had the opportunity. We got reporters interested in the topic and they published our stories. We gave a little money to help the cause when we could. We protested at the dog auctions and we cared for the dogs that have come out of these deplorable places.

       After a few months of this, most people would have given up...but we didn't. We kept at it. And we've been at it for over ten years. We all just kept doing whatever we could, whenever we could, from wherever we were. We didn't give up, we didn't get bored and we didn't throw in the towel. WE had NO intention of letting the dogs down.

       This victory is OUR victory. We did it for the dogs, pure and simple.

       I hope everyone takes the joy of this success very personally...because IT belongs to YOU!

Eilene RIbbens
Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project

Thorp Dog Auction protest, 11 March 09: I Am the Voice

Volunteers set up and manned a booth at the Oshkosh Pet Expo in April 2008 to let people know about puppy mills.

Stop the Abuse orange t-shirts were one way we showed our support.

We let our representatives know how we felt.


In memory of PeaBuddy, whose short life inspired the founding of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.

"Mom -- y'done me proud. Love from Pea "
--  Mr. Peabody, guiding spirit of the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project


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