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Scenes From a Puppy Mill:
Warm Jacket/Cold Pups

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The miller is wearing a heavy jacket and gloves, while the puppies shiver in wire mesh cages in the snow.

       Pretty Penny Kennels, Plymouth, WI, February 2008 — The "breeder" wears heavy coat and gloves against the WI January chill, while the pups huddle together on a wire mesh floor in a wire mesh cage. Yes, that is snow you see on the corrugated metal roof and on the ground. In the dead of a cold Wisconsin winter, these puppies are living OUTSIDE.

       Pretty Penny Kennels is described in detail in A Visit To A Wisconsin "Puppy Farm" and in WTMJ's report and video, "Inside a Puppy Farm". These were both written in 1999 -- but, as you can see, nothing has changed in nearly a decade at Pretty Penny Kennels.

       To quote the WTMJ interview, "The sight of dozens of puppies in cages, outdoors, may upset some people. But it's not against the law." Breeder Gerald Schulz told reporter Mike Jacobs: "They were outside for a million years. It's only the last 200 that people have been putting 'em in the house."

     FINAL UPDATE: Mr. Schulz is out of the "dog business" forever. He died on June 28, 2022.

     15 May 2014 UPDATE: In 2011, Pretty Penny Kennels applied for and was granted a "temporary license" under WI Act 90. However, Mr. Schulz declined to upgrade his facilities to comply with the new regulations, so was denied a permanent license.

     Under the law, Mr. Schulz may still sell fewer than 25 dogs a year, from three litters. If you have reason to suspect that he is selling more dogs, or are concerned about the conditions in which his remaining dogs are being kept, please see our Filing a Complaint page for details on how to contact DATCP with your concerns!

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