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Peaceful Protest

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Sign from 11 March 09 Thorp Dog Auction protest: For the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil.

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"The continued protests were enough to drive the Buckeye Dog Auction auction’s owner, Ervin Raber, to sell the business in March 2007.... Raber had this to say about his decision, based on the constant protests to his business: "It was just getting to be too much of a fight."

       -- Best Friends "Breeding Bytes," May 2008


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Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Protest Overview:

Bentley the puppy mill survivor at his first pet store protest in August 2008       Petstore and dog auction protests are a very good way to let the public know exactly where that "doggie in the window" came from. There are several groups who actively protest petstores. Many participants bring their puppy mill survivors, like Bentley here, so that passers-by will see first-hand, the effects of conditions in commercial breeding facilities, and ask to hear the dogs' stories. (Click here for Bentley's!)

       WPMP's policy asks that, to be most effective, protesters:

  • check in with local police departments to find out local ordinances and where they may legally protest,
  • not interfere with traffic into and out of the stores they are protesting,
  • and always be polite and non-confrontational to passers-by.

        Remember, dress for the weather, as you will be outside, and bring a sign or a poster if you can. See our Protest Photo Albums for some ideas. If you can't make a sign of your own for some reason, don't let that stop you -- tell organizers you are coming, and they will very likely have extras on-site. Your just being there is VERY important!

       If you are considering organizing a protest, please see the Protester's Pledge, below, for some basic guidelines.


Reminding elected officials that there are more pet lovers than democrats or republicans.Sign from a pet store protest: Do not buy puppy mill cruelty -- visit your local shelter.Informational sign from a recent petstore protest.



Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Protesters' Pledge:

  • We understand that our protest is to remain a peaceful one.

  • We understand that the local Police Department has strict guidelines for us and that we are to follow those guidelines or we will not be allowed to protest any longer.

  • We want to spread our message to the public and we understand we cannot do that if we are not allowed to be there.

  • We will ONLY protest on the sidewalks that are public property.

  • We will NOT stand in front of the Pet store. We understand this is private property.

  • We will NOT stand in the parking lot. We understand this is private property.

  • We will NOT leaflet cars; we understand this is NOT allowed.

  • We will NOT block driveways or any other area the public is trying to access.

  • We will NOT force literature upon anyone; we will ONLY offer it.

  • We will NOT create any disturbances OR cause any complaints to arise. We understand that if there are complaints about us we have to leave.

  • We will NOT scare away the public; instead we will appear approachable so they can ask us questions or find out why we are here. We WANT to share our information with the public.

  • We will NOT use foul language or profanity. We would not be taken seriously, and would end up looking ignorant or foolish.

  • We WILL however, tell the public about the cruelty of pet stores and the puppy mill industry.

  • We WILL let the media know something needs to be done about the laws regarding this industry.

  • We WILL have signs that show the public what puppy mills are like.

  • We WILL offer literature that is educational about pet stores and puppy mills to the public.

  • We WILL be heard!

-- Courtesy of Wisconsin Citizens Against Puppy Mills (formerly Milwaukee Pet Store Protest Group)

Milwaukee Pet Store Protest Group at Petland. August 2008


Tiny blue paw print bullet point   Protest Photo Albums:

       The photos in the following albums have come to us from a variety of sources. We woud like to thank Frank Schemberger, the Milwaukee Pet Store Protest Group, and all of the other individuals who have sent photos of their signs for our collection. We hope to add more, as time permits.

Milwaukee Pet Store Protest Group, Petland Pet Store, 10 January 2009

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