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Dooley the papillion whose teeth were so badly infected that he couldn't close his mouth.

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"Yankee Dooley" the papillion was pulled from the 10 Mar 07 Thorp Dog Auction as "unsellable" because he was so sick.

No one seeing this photo of a happy, healthy little dog would ever believe that Dooley was a worn-out puppymill stud dog at age 5. (Read Dooley's story here.) Between the agony of infection raging through his jaws and burning up his body, a hernia, and the horrible existence he had endured up to this point, his attitude at the time of his rescue was, "I just wish I were dead." Now, he is asking people to Vote Humane -- because the only way the world is going to change is one law at a time.

       Getting legislation passed for animal protection is not for the faint of heart. It takes years of work, planning, and intense grass roots efforts. AND it takes local, state, and federal representatives who understand that there are many humane issues that can only be remedied by meaningful legislation -- representatives who will LISTEN to their constituents and not just lobbyists and special interest groups.

       When elections are coming up, check out your candidates carefully. Some candidates take animal protection issues seriously enough to devote a section of their website to their positions and voting records.

       Ask your candidates where they stand on issues such as exotic animal ownership, hunting bears or wolves with dogs,what should constitute felony animal abuse, etc. Ask them if they are aware that Wisconsin was ranked 30th for animal protection laws in 2019 by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. (ALDF 2015 U.S. Animal Protection Laws Rankings (pdf))

       If they are not aware of the issues, arm yourself with facts and see if they are willing to be educated.

       It is up to VOTERS to let our candidates know that humane issues are important to us. They need to know that, all other things considered, their stand on animal protection laws might just be the deciding factor in whether we vote for them!


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What Is A Puppy Mill?
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