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Kirkwall's Tess of Timberlake -- "Treacle"

Kirkwalls Tess of Timberlake, better known as Treacle, was the first dog bred by Kirkwall Cairns.

     "This is Kirkwall's Tess of Timberlake, better know as Treacle--and sometimes even Gladys. It seems that every dog here has his or her own tale/tail and somehow ends up with at least three or four names. The picture shows Treacle at about 16 years old. Although we had had many dogs as children and young adults, we had them all spayed or neutered. This was the first dog my husband and I bred. We had our first litter from her way back in 1979.

     "Regardless the name or the breed, they are all individuals. Each one is his own reason for being and rightly so. We would not have it any other way."

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