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 pawprint bullet point   15 Aug 2014 USDA Press Release (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point    USDA Final Rule (Federal Register, 18 Aug 14)   pawprint bullet point


Poodle mix from Thyme & Sage Ranch.     In September 2013, the USDA redefined "pet stores" so that "direct to seller" venues such as internet, phone, and mail order are now subject ot USDA regulation. For a brief overview of the new rule, please see USDA Final Rule FAQ (pdf). If you are interested, you can also read the entire USDA Docket No. APHIS-2011-0003 (actual rule & process) (pdf)

     On 18 August 2014, the USDA closed another "loophole" when new regulations for importation of foreign- bred puppies for sale in the US were announced.

     Previously, there was little regulation of puppies coming into the country for sale from China, eastern Europe, Russia, South America, Mexico, South Korea, and other parts of the world. Very young puppies -- barely old enough to be weaned -- are routinely shipped in tubs in the cargo bays of airplanes, and animal welfare advocates estimate that 25% die before reaching the US. Many others are so sick they cost their new owners thousands of dollars in vet bills and may die within a few months anyway. We can only imagine the conditions in which the parents of these puppies are kept.

     The new USDA rule states that puppies imported for sale within the US MUST be at least 6 months old,and have the equivalent of a certificate of veterinary inpsection stating that the pups are in good health and have been vaccinated for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza virus (DHLPP) "at a frequency that provides continuous protection of the dog from those diseases and is in accordance with currently accepted practices as cited in veterinary medicine reference guides."

     According to a 15 Aug 2014 USDA Press Release, "The final rule applies to dogs imported into the continental U.S., (including Alaska) and Hawaii, from other countries and from U.S. territories to the continental U.S. This final rule applies to dogs intended for resale. It does not apply to dogs that are imported for research purposes, veterinary medical treatment, or for personal companions."

     Because of the low demand for pups over the age of 6 months, and the expense to the foreign breeders/ brokers for the required vaccinations and health certificates, we feel that the new rule will effectively put a halt to the importation of foreign puppy mill dogs for sale in the US.

     This amendment to 9-CFR-2 goes into effect on 17 November 2014. You can read the summary, background, and entire text of the new rule here: Animal Welfare; Importation of Live Dogs.

 pawprint bullet point   15 Aug 2014 USDA Press Release (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point    USDA Final Rule (Federal Register, 18 Aug 14)   pawprint bullet point

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