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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Tippy

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Tippy the chihauhua was purchased at the Sept 08 Thorp Dog Auction

     Tippy hadn't even reached his third birthday when he was purchased at the September 2008 Thorp Dog Auction, but he was already convinced that whatever his future held, it wouldn't be good.

     Tippy's purchaser went to the auction intending only to help purchase dogs for rescues -- she had no intention of buying another personal dog. However, for some reason, her husband was drawn to Tippy -- and nobody else seemed interested in him.

     That's when Tippy's life changed for the better, though it took him a while to realize it. Withdrawn and timid, Tippy tried to hide at the back of his cage.

     His hair was matted, and he had a hair loss on both ears. The worst problem, though, was his badly infected mouth. One of his front teeth fell out on its own before they could get him to the vet, and the vet had to remove 13 more. Not three years old yet, and he had lost 14 teeth!

     He's learning that Life is now Good, though. Says his new mom: "Tippy has fit in well with our two beagles and our bagel (basset/beagle). At first, he was very stiff when picked up, but in the last month he has bonded with my husband and me. He is still very timid with new people (growls) and reactive to sounds and movements. We are amazed at how he plays and initiates play with our bagel!"

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