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Thorp Dog Auction Scrapbook: Thorp

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Thorp the Chinses Crested Powder Puff was so matted that a groomer had to "shear" his coat off all in one piece.

     Thorp, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff was rescued from the March 12, 2008 Auction at the age of 4-1/2 years.

     His rescuer had no intention of buying a dog -- she and a friend had only attended the auction to see what it was really like, if it were as bad as they'd heard. She found out it was worse.

     In her words: "[He] was the oldest and most pathetic dog at the auction. He was listed as a Chinese Crested and with all the matted hair, obviously a Powder Puff. ..[During the auction], Margie and I never moved from our seats. Frozen in fear and horror, it was all we could do not to throw-up or scream or cry in outrage. After three hours, I could see them take [my dog] out of his cage.

     "So, I started the bidding at $20.00 and with determination and not a lot of interest from anyone there – I won him for $60.00. It still breaks my heart."

     Thorp suffered from terrible teeth, an infection, struvite crystals in his bladder, and more. "Thorp was so matted at the auction you could not even feel his skin. The groomer had to remove his entire coat all in one piece. Some pieces so bad that part of his skin was removed. (I still have his fur in a bag).

     "Mentally, Thorp was a mess, too. He shook constantly and was petrified of anything new."

     With Thorp, came his AKC registration papers. His new "Mom" tracked down his breeders to let them know where he had ended up. They were shocked -- they had thought they were selling him to be a show dog!

     Click here to read the entire story of Thorp's rescuer's Dog Auction experience .

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