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Updated 7/30/21


     A HUGE THANK-YOU to all of the advocates and organizations who came together to share and complete the DNR Wisconsin Wolf Management Public Input Questionnaire / April 15 - May 15, 2021! You can see the results of the survey here:

 pawprint bullet point   Public input on wolf harvest season, May 2021 (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

     As a follow-up, we reviewed comments and issues with the survey and have contacted the DNR with our concerns. We wanted to share those concerns with you.

 pawprint bullet point   2021 WI Wolf management Survey Follow-up Statement (pdf)   pawprint bullet point


 pawprint bullet point   2021 WI Wolf Management Survey Analysis/Talking Points (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   WI DNR 2021 WI Wolf Management Survey Form (now closed)   pawprint bullet point


A Wisconsin wolf      The WI DNR is asking for your opinion on the Fall 2021 wolf harvest season as well as the ongoing revision to the state's wolf management plan. Between April 15 - May 15, you can provide your comments via their online survey.

     The February Wolf Hunt was a slaughter that shocked humane-minded citizens not only in WI but across the nation. We must do all we can to stop that from happening again. PLEASE take a few moments of your time to let the WI DNR know you consider wolf hunting completely UNACCEPTABLE! In addition to "multiple choice" opinion questions, the survey includes blocks where you can type in your comments. We have put together a list of talking points (see below) to serve as a springboard to your own thoughts.

     Some of the questions on the survey may be ambiguous and open to interpretation, meaning exactly the opposite depending on whether you are against the hunt or for it! Because of this, we have consulted with several experts on this topic to analyze the intent of the survey. You can find our analysis, how WE would answer these questions, and the list of talking points by clicking on the link below. PLEASE NOTE: Read the questions on the actual survey very carefully; they may appear in a different order than they are in our analysis!

 pawprint bullet point   2021 WI Wolf Management Survey Analysis/Talking Points (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   2021 WI Wolf Management Survey (now closed)   pawprint bullet point

     We urge you to let your voice be heard on behalf of WI wolves by filling out this survey! You can be sure that the wolf hunters, trappers, and hounders will!


  • Specific to Question 6:

    • Regarding “wolf hunting and trapping: regulated public harvest of wolves by licensed participants” -- Any interest I have relates to prohibiting or greatly reducing hunting and trapping of wolves. Hound hunting wolves should be prohibited.

    • Specific to “Depredation compensation”—Depredation payments should not be paid for hounds purposely put in harm’s way by hunters.

  • The land, water, and animals of Wisconsin, including Federal forests, belong to ALL the people, not just hunters and trappers.

  • The DNR data does not show number of acres per wolf on the title page map. That information isnecessary to understand the population. Simply saying there are 1,200 wolves in Wisconsin is misleading.Additionally,the 1,200 number is an estimate PRIOR to the February 2021 hunt.

  • Wolf management programs that include hunting seem to be governed predominantly by special interests and not best available science.

  • The impact of the February 2021 wolf hunt has not been analyzed. Until the impact of the over-kill can be studied, no further hunting or trapping of wolves should be allowed.

  • The DNR has not calculated overharvest in quotas. That has led to over-kill of the wolf population, particularly in the recent February 2021 hunt.

  • The poorly planned and rushed February hunt caused significant collateral damage to established packs during breeding season.

  • The February 2021 wolf hunt did not honor treaty, land, and heritage rights of Native tribes.

  • I support a ZERO quota for the fall wolf hunt.

  • Wolves are not eaten by hunters, therefore the hunt is only “thrill kill” for trophies.

  • Livestock depredation is frequently given as the main reason wolves should be hunted -- but the percentage of livestock actually killed by wolves is relatively small.

  • Previous Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Wolf Management Plans contained effective measures for "controlling nuisance wolves and reimbursing landowners for losses caused by wolves" without the use of hunting.

  • Hunting wolves destroys pack order and the ecosystem.

  • As an apex predators, the wolves help to control CWD by using weakened deer as a food source.

  • It's NOT a "hunter's rights" issue -- more and more ethical hunters are speaking out AGAINST trophy hunting and trapping of wolves.

  • Collared wolves are a part of (desperately needed) scientific study of wolves. Collared individuals should be considered to “belong to” the scientist and their studies. The taking of a collared wolf should be illegal.

  • Wolf hunters and hunters with hounds often violate the rights of private property owners. Hunting hounds do not know property borders; the hunters do not respect them.

  • Traps, snares, cable ties, and packs of hunting hounds create conflicts and pose dangers to other users of public lands, to private property owners and to their pets.

  • Depredation payments currently in place can adequately compensate ranchers and farmers. Depredation payments should NOT be paid to hounders who purposely put their animals in harm’s way.

  • To our shame, Wisconsin is the ONLY state in the country to allow the use of dogs to track and trail wolves, with nearly unrestrained in-the-wild training of these dogs. This is NOT the type of leadership that reflects well on our state!

  • Hunting wolves with hounds is just a form of “legalized dog fighting.”

  • Hunting at night with dogs, ATVs and snowmobiles is disruptive to the environment and to people who live in rural areas.

  • Pursuing wolves with ATVs, snowmobiles and hounds—chasing the wolves to exhaustion—is unethical, cruel, and is not “fair chase” hunting.

  • The Nicolet-Chequaumegon National Forest appears to be where the majority of the wolves live. With over 1.5 MILLION acres and low population density, it doesn’t appear that “conflict” would be a big problem…unless you are a hounder with dogs looking for trouble.

  • I oppose paying depredations to hunters who purposely set their dogs upon wildlife. Depredation payments in this case are “rewards” for animal abuse. That is wrong.

  • I have changed the way I recreate in Wisconsin NOT because of wolves—but to avoid conflict, noise, disruption, and FEAR of hound hunters and their untethered hounds.

  • A minimum five mile NO HUNT buffer zone should be created around tribal lands, camping sites, hiking trails and other places used for silent sports to provide for the safety of both the tribal wolves and the general public.

 pawprint bullet point   2021 WI Wolf Management Survey (now closed)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   2021 WI Wolf Management Survey Analysis/Talking Points (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   DNR Wolf Management Plan page   pawprint bullet point   WI DNR Wolf Hunting & Trapping   pawprint bullet point


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