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A Wisconsin wolf      The Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will once again offer their annual opportunity for the public to provide input on a variety of natural resource-related questions with in-person meetings in each county on April 8, 2024, at 6 p.m. and the annualonline survey starting at noon April 10 to noon on April 13, 2024. Elections for WCC delegates will take place during the in-person WCC/DNR Spring Hearings held in each county on April 8, 2024. More information will be forthcoming as plans for these events are finalized.

     This is the annual opportunity for EVERYONE in Wisconsin to weigh in and voice opinions on WI wildlife and outdoor issues by responding to natural resource-related questions and proposed rule changes. In addition, the public will have the opportunity to bring new conservation issues of statewide significance to the attention of the Conservation Congress through the citizen resolution process. Citizen resolutions can be submitted through Feb. 26, 2024.

     Resolutions must meet the following criteria:  The concern must be of statewide impact;  the concern must be practical, achievable and reasonable; and  the concern must be within the mission and vision of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

     Resolutions will be accepted until Feb. 26, 2024. At the close of the submission process, the resolutions will be reviewed by a committee of WCC delegates to ensure they meet the criteria for inclusion and will be prepared for the online input.

 pawprint bullet point   WCC Resolution Process   pawprint bullet point   2024 Citizen Resolution Submittal Form:   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   Resolution Submittal FAQ   pawprint bullet point   Contacts for Resolution Writing Assistance   pawprint bullet point

    This year’s online questionnaire will kick off on Wednesday, April 10, and will close on Saturday, April 13. We'll have a link available for you as soon as we get one. Meanwhile, take a look at the 2024 Spring Hearing Online and In-Person Input FAQ.

 pawprint bullet point   2024 Spring Hearing Online and In-Person Input FAQ   pawprint bullet point

     In addition, the WCC will hold elections for their delegates at each of these open houses. Two of the five WCC seats will be up for election in each county. For those who would like to become more involved for wildlife in Wisconsin -- did you realize that ANYONE can run for election as a Wisconsin Conservation Congress Delegate? You can read more about the Wisconsin Conservation Congress Delegate Election Process here.

 pawprint bullet point   Wisconsin Conservation Congress Delegate Election Process   pawprint bullet point

     The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is the only statutory body in the state where the public elects delegates to advise the Natural Resources Board and the DNR on responsibly managing Wisconsin's natural resources for present and future generations. Learn more about the WCC and how to become involved in resource management decisions on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress webpage.


 pawprint bullet point   DNR/ WCC Spring Hearing   pawprint bullet point   Spring Hearing FAQ (pdf)   pawprint bullet point

 pawprint bullet point   WI Conservation Congress page   pawprint bullet point


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